Dear Friend

Dear friend,
I know we’ve never met
You sit in the front,
And I in the back

This room is so big,
That I bet we’ll never meet
But I have something to say
And you’ll want to know

That kid behind you
Well he’s been through hell
And if he falls asleep,
Let him lie

For his mother ran from home,
Taking him with her
They slept very little,
Hoping to get away from the pain

He’s now alone,
No one with him,
And he doesn’t know what to do,
But a least he’s here

And Mary, next to you,
She is so sick
Before class I saw her pucking
And not in the good way

For she is so thin,
And her clothes hang loose
Yet she doesn’t say a word
Hoping for no one to notice

Maybe you could save her
Cause she listens to you
But if you never knew,
Then surly she’s gone

Friend, there’s so much,
You just don’t see!
So much hurt,
All around you!

Maybe the short blond girl,
Behind you,
Could be saved,
If only you said hello?

And maybe that nail bitter,
Can finally relax
If only you,
Asked him why?

Dear friend,
I know we’ve never met
But I need you to help
Because I can’t anymore

I always helped,
Forever stopping to save others
But I forgot one thing...
To save myself

I couldn't take it anymore,
I just gave up
So I found my solution
But it ended wrong

I’m up above now, still saving,
But, can you please help?
Please, oh please, help the kid behind you,
Who just fell asleep… on you

by Corey Mason

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