SA (24th June / Uganda)

Dear Friend


A squirt you are
From so lost a world
Where true friends exist
Seceded by pretense
Conquered by Love

An umbrella you are
From scotching hatred high
And downpour of insults
Hitting you so hard
For being my true friend

Garbage so looks money
For you to be my friend
That peniful or less
You are my peg of support
Tightened by your heart
To keep the whole me standing

At their target of me to fall
You always stand firm
Earning them a kick of shame
As you smile when am safe
That I never know when you are hurt
For a lot pain meant for me
Always sends you down
Leaving me in Guilt
For the debt I have to pay

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Comments (3)

a friend is loving at all times and becomes a brother in times of trouble. Pro 17: 27 great poem
Thank you, friends can be everything important in our lives .
Comparing a friend from an umbrella is a nice idea that has been beautifully painted in this nice poem.