Dear Friend, I Don'T Love You Anymore

Poem By Megan Reily

Dear friend
You used to care
You used to see
You used to be fair

Dear Friend
Why did't you understand?
Why didn't you take seriously
The future life we had planned

Dear friend
You have controlled enough
I must lean on my own
Becuse I am weaker then your bluff

Dear friend
Now I don't belive you
You turned away
Even though my pain you knew

Dear friend
Brocken wings don't soar
You know it's your fault
That I don't love you anymore

Comments about Dear Friend, I Don'T Love You Anymore

A broken heart in such a state, Can be mended if you try; For many suffering such a fate, Will oft wonder why. If its true what has happened now Has caused to keep you low; You may then wonder as to how You chose happiness to sorrow. Megan, I appreciate your poem. I understand.

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