JF (May 18,1961 / New Fairfield Ct)


Salvation allows the Angles wings to unfold, so I’ve been told
I can’t help but feel like I’m headed down a one way street
Concrete heavily pressin’ against my feet

Where are you when I need you
My guardian, my soul protector
You said you’d never forsake me
Promising me to keep holding on and you’d set me free

This pain is beyond love and affection
Wherever your satisfaction may take me
I don’t sense you would ever break me
Testing my faith every day
Finding it hard not to unfold when I pray

Thoughts are runnin’ through my head
Inhaling every ounce of life just as you said
I look at life with a new outlook
You’ve brought flesh to these bones of mine
Why the hell won’t you descend the pain this time?

I don’t want to fall
You just don’t seem to hear my call
I sit and wait, contemplating my fate
Disengaging every chance I can from being in this mental state
What the hell am I to do, constantly believe in you?

Never thinking of myself
Always putting my needs on a dusty shelf
Until now, here I am
Wishing I could see you face to face
Kneeling down at your presence of lace

Looking into your eyes
Demanding to know why you have refused to hear my nightly cries
Suffering and tantalizing fears
Sheltered with unwanted tears
You know my purpose here
Yet, you won’t even approach me near
No more for I refuse to give up this score!
Angry as hell if you can’t tell
Heart filled with remorse
Why do I even tell you this
You know this already, of course!

Sentimental values aren’t of concern here
For I know you have intentions there
I can’t resist in feeling how I feel
Doing everything I can to keep it real!

Take this emptiness from my heart away
Allow my children to go on at play
Listen for a brief moment at what I have to say
While I cry songs from within
Creatively seeking your approval of the worse sin
I’ll never ask you again…

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