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Dear Frog

Dear Frog

How dare you
approach me,
Dear frog!
Me, the anatomist cruel
know no love,
no compassion.

Dear cold blooded creature
the tender heart,
the feeble mind and
sluggish feet
need warmth
need amplexus
dare not approach me
my territory
the frigid trap of death,
Me, the anatomist there
to anesthetize you
for reason not known
none to blame, none
to excuse.

Me, the anatomist paid for
to feed my gaster
and quench my thirst
How dare you approach me!

With forceps in one hand
and scissors in other
unable to feel
the spikes in your nerve

Me, the anatomist
know not me
know not you
with the sharp scalpel
waiting to split open
the skull.

How dare you
approach me!
Me, the anatomist, cruel
Know no love, no compassion.

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Comments (33)

Intriguing poem. Interesting and deep reflection by the anatomist. I love the honesty and the almost-remorse shining through the verses. Excellent write
Fine poem dear poet.. ❤.., thanks
A strange poem written with such a sensitive touch..
Loved to read the poem.Thanks for sharing.
Have all the ponds in the state dried up for the mentor of dear frogs, Sir? Have you stopped coming here? Silence over three weeks overruled.
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