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Dear God
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

Dear God

Poem By Dan Quiles

To keep plying to the lying is the ultimate deception of la la dream.
I don't want to fool myself and others any longer.
I could never be the next great one; but I'll continue battling as I was born to do.

I could never be a colossal composer as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi were..
I could never be a cyclopean writer as Hemingway, Cervantes, Hugo & Poe were.
I could never be a gargantuan poet as Neruda, Burgos, Dickinson, Dario and Poe.

I just don't want to be some mountain that is broad and mysterious as an oil painting.
I want everything to be vivid, notable, narrow as a sparrow can be.
I am tired of being an enigma and of hopeless thoughts

My time is now or never.
How could I have forgotten about GOD for so long
How foolish and disgraceful I have been. You are my ultimate helper.

Oh God, help me! Please help me live life again.
To think clearly and to be palpable onto your merciful eyes.
If my dreams don't come true then let me be a great Christian according to you.

Onto your hands I leave my complete will.
No Mas!
I'm all yours.

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