JB (12/06/1990 / Missoula, MT)

Dear God

Dear, God:

I just thought that I’d confess. As your son, I’m not the best. I have sinned and not lightly. I have lost the grip you’ve held so tightly. The straight and narrow is hidden in my crimes: lust, lies, hatred, and swearing so many times. My hope is that your love will forgive, though unworthy, I want to live, in your kingdom in your heart. From your grace, I shall not part. A vacation south is not in my desire; your highness is far beyond a searing fire. I’m lost and lonely, unsure what to do, so may I come and stay with you? Please write back in any form you want, the best is a letter, but please make it legible font. Thanks again for taking this time, to read my prayer and bless my rhyme. I look forward to your letter. I believe that’s all it takes to feel much better. Forgive my writing, it’s sometimes messy. I’m writing with love.

Your son,

by Jesse Bauer

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nice prayer..........................
Hi Jesse.. i like to read this. Would be better if you could form it in picture poem. Above all, wish you get the letter you asking for soon. Happy Easter! Blessings, Ge'