Dear God

Poem By Rueben Lee

I failed to understand Your unconditional love,
Do have mercy on us from heaven above,
For we are born sinners in nature,
Yet Your love last forever,

Forgive me for not following Your ways,
For being so caught up with mine and was carried away,
I pray You'll remove the pain within me,
Dear God, it hurts, please set me free,

The pieces of my broken heart is so small,
Even I tried yet i face my fall,
You've collected all my tears and sense my fear,
When the world disappears You draw me near,

Everything happens doesn't always have a reason,
To the world You are one person,
As every dust turns into pearl,
To one person You are the world,

Lord, help my friends to walk a little further,
A rainbow will appear through the heavy weather,
I do not pray for any diamond or jewelry,
I live on just to see my love ones happy,

I lay them upon Your hands,
That You'll bless everyone not just my friends,
And pray You'll be with them till the very end,
Thank you Lord for everything, Amen.

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Great poem with a lot of wisdom. Wonderfully written. Great imagery. Fine poetics. A big...10 Thanks for sharing..... Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2

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