Dear God... (Children)

Poem By C.J. Heck

Dear God,
I dreamed I came to Heaven
to have a talk with You.
I climbed right up some puffy clouds
til Heaven was in view.

It looked just like a castle!
It was high with many floors
and it seemed a million windows
overlooked the one huge door.

The door was gold and silver
and bright lights shined within.
Two boxes hung suspended there,
“Take a Prayer” and “Leave a Sin”.

Everywhere around me,
I saw people with white wings
and when I pushed the doorbell,
I heard angel voices sing.

Then the big door opened.
The kindest man stood there.
He said he’d be my tour guide
and to follow him upstairs.

Right inside the great big door,
I saw a handmade sign.
The lettering was very old
on wood of weathered pine.

The message was so simple.
It said only, “Welcome Home”
but that was enough to tell me,
here you'd never feel alone.

Each floor throughout the castle
was filled with happiness.
From the bottom to the top one,
I saw nothing but kindness.

Angels standing near the windows
stopped to hug and welcome me.
Others passing in the hallways
smiled and whispered quietly.

Each room on every floor there
had a sign above its door,
carved in ancient lettering
which said, “Always Room For More”.

When my tour was finished
and it was time to go,
I still had some questions left
that weren’t answered though.

Do just good kids go to Heaven?
Sometimes, I do naughty things.
Am I still a good girl, too?
Will I have angel’s wings?

My tour guide hugged me gently.
He said he thought I would
‘cause Heaven has so many rooms
and every child is good.

When I left the castle
and turned to wave goodbye,
an angel told me You had been
my Heavenly Tour Guide.

Comments about Dear God... (Children)

CJ, Considering the innocence you share with children, I'm sure there is a room waiting for you. Rusty
I feel better after reading this CJ, i almost feel calm again, i'll have to read some more of your work, get some more anger out of me Warm regards allan
This is real gem, CJ...I particularly love the lines - 'The door was gold and silver and bright lights shined within. Two boxes hung suspended there, “Take a Prayer” and “Leave a Sin”.
My inner child says wow thank you... er, 'It just said 'Welcome Home'? ?

4,8 out of 5
38 total ratings

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