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Dear Ian
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

Dear Ian

Poem By Dan Quiles

On October 25th, of 2003
Saturday evening, right after class,
Tired, tensed, and overwhelmed.
Your mother called me with the notice of your grand debut.
As I was thrilled with great will.
I just ran like a speeding lion.
I ran so hard, that I forgot how heavy my bag was.
I even forgot how tired I was after a long day in school.
As the world moved on as usual.
Near Charles River, very cool night,
While, I awaited in the waiting room.
Seconds, minutes and hours passed by.
Then the World Series was going.
The last out of the game took place.
When finally, at 10: 55pm,
Ian was born with a bang!
What a sharp tang!
The beginning of a new era.
In the abyss of the heart an opera began to sing.
Our worlds changed forever ever.
Everything is/was seen with a new face.
Everything suddenly became different and so serene.
Everything is seen with a new set of eyes.
Filling all past void.
An emote hard to avoid.
Cultivating self endlessly and fruitlessly.
Revolutionizing our core worlds.
You have become my beautiful little butterfly.
You have become my heaven and earth.
A blessed birth.
My endless rainbow that flows into my crystal eyes.
The one that captivates the moments and leaves me with Goosebumps.
The one with the plain feet that, I like to tickle as a brat that I am.
You have even motivated me to dance with you even though
Some laugh at me and call me ‘el loco’.
Quite frankly, you have become my new source of energy.
Leaving endless moist stamps.
That lamps & revamps all silent vamps.
Becoming and evolving as my new little, ‘Champ’.
Making this camp a new happy foundation
Of stable generations to come.
A blissful penetration.
Becoming my new home a welcoming dome.
Your birth helped heal and stitch together my bond with your mom.
To better able channel ourselves.
To a road of recovery, healing and better dealings.
Making our journey a battle of wills and chills.
Spilling and filling what was lost was essential.
Beneficial and preferential to the kinship that was meant to be.
Today and tomorrow, I will forever love you.

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