Dear Kate

‘Dear Kate…’ it began,
She smiled at the sound of it - ‘Dear Kate’
‘Don’t fall in love with me…’ - too late, she sighed
Her smile waning as ‘Dear Kate’
Began to sound like ‘Dear Jane’
‘If you’re looking for love…I’m not it…’
She wasn’t looking - but he was it
Her heart slowed and she could feel
The walls begin to close around it
‘I’m incapable…’ cop out she thot
‘Begin to feel suffocated…’ that tired old line
She cursed herself
She’d played her hand too soon
She had tried to remain cool, til he smiled at her
‘It’s not you…it’s just - not - You..’
The words echoed over and over
She breathed in deeply, reading
And re-reading his words
Cursing herself for moving too fast
Then taking his warning to heart
Decided to wait on him
He was ‘it’, and sooner or later
He’d figure that out.

by Cathy Jackson

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I really enjoyed this. We can feel the pain along with her....... Nicely done. Sincerely, Mary