Dear Lofty Amante

Poem By Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

You came at dawn
At the morning when of that time I was left a forlorn
Seeing the smelly mouth and irritating pus on the eyes and dried saliva by the chick, a drip of the saliva from the mouth at sleep yet you came on
And when of your knowledge it seemed I have nothing to eat and even non to share with you as breakfast that celebrates what is born
Ah, yet you held my hand in tacit consent and we moved on
Bearing in mind what is seen beyond the seems and on and on
The place of green pastures and still waters in the noontime our focused destination

And wisdom is shared and intellects and hearts and dreams
We set them goals, enough for a lifetime and for generations yet unborn we prepare tables
And scented flowers around the table and flowing streams with pearls and rubies
A bed of roses we planned our home and exemplary a thing it'd be to others
All are in the bud one that consciously we make blossoms by good acts we share as buddies

It's eleven-fifty-nine already
In this eleventh hour would I still look around and find you standing side by side with me or better still feel your hands in mine holding strongly
Would the reasons we have dreamt not seem to you like fantasy
Or would it be like the coming of Jesus that the impatient had seen as ever over delaying already
At this edge of the breakthrough would you let me give up or would you be the one urging and encouraging me
Because without a support, letting go is easy

And when it shall be that noonday
A time of dining and wining would I look back from that table and drop a tear in wish you were here today
This noonday comes quickly but this time makes it seem the farthest Sunday
At that time when a Wednesday would be cherished in the days that would come after, all through merry month of May
But I see dear lofty mante that which is beyond now, beyond today
Your sacrifice is what it is more than that of a mare mante
But holding on is often not easy if we aren't determined able amante
But you're more determined than even I only hope it lasts amante
For this Sunday is truly very close a day
It is here ready and in it we will have our Wednesday
And live forever in our merry months of May

I believe in you o lofty amante
Your ability to transform stone into water and heat to iced reel
You've turned my arid mind to a soft rock
And you hold on to the metal no matter the heat it emits
One of a kind, one soft strong heart is the key the doorknob needs
Dear lofty amante,
I doff the height of your commitment, though edifice you made with your sacrifice
I know it won't ever let go
Dear lofty amante
Dear amante
It's non else but you

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