Dear Lonely

Dear Lonely
Life is too short to live alone
And forever is too long to lived in pain.
You’re waiting so long
A new day has come.
Open your eyes and face reality.
Hold back, don’t rush
Listen to the game they played.
Lies, cheating, deceives you seen lying in the eyes of the face that once love you.
Love is blame?
You can’t believed your eyes
Now you’re lonely
Let the rain come down and wash away your tears.
What you saw is brokenhearted.
Let the rain filled your soul and drained down your fear.
You cried
tears make you wake.
Let the rain shadow your heart for a new love.
The world though you had it all
But you’re 4 seasons of loneliness.
Summer: -
When the sun burns with heat
No one took the hot for you.
Spring: -
Even when it rain I could still see the tears in your eyes
Maybe that pain you can’t hide.
Fall: -
You’re a flower to a garden that loose it leaves.
Winter: -
‘let it snow, let it snow’
The sound of a music.
You can win this thing called Love.
Love going to come someday.
Dear Lonely

by Lartin Konneh II

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