Dear Lord

Dear Lord please unburden me,
Unburden me from myself, all in me that may be.
Unburden me from my past,
Unburden me from the nagging fear that love doesn't last.

Dear Lord please unburden me,
Unburden me from other people's problems that I allow to weigh me down,
Unburden me from what I was not supposed to hear - every sound,
Dear Lord please unburden me.

Unburden me from the ground I'm afraid to walk apon,
Because on the path's of life I don't know which I will find myself on,
Unburden me from the pain,
Because it's insisting on slowly driving me insane.

Unburden me from every sleepless night,
Because of the evils I am forced to fight,
Unburden me from things I should not have seen
Because everything witnessed alters me and since myself has hardly been.

Lord if ever I have asked you anything before,
Please dear Lord, make me a burden no more.

by TracyLee Eckstein

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I enjoyed this well thought through, good flow and content: -)