AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

Dear Love,

I understand that you are forever patient;
There’s never a moment that you could not be kind.
Never have you set upon me any envy.
You never turn to others to sneer, laugh, or boast.
Always happy, but you are never falsely proud,
Angrily I do call, you reply never rude.

You are not easily angered when I am rude
Because of your patience-teach me to be patient!
At my highest or my lowest of me you’re proud;
Cups of oil are overflowing with your kind-
The good variety that does not ever boast.
Because of that I may own a bit of envy!

Surely of me you never would like to envy,
Because often I may seem to be a bit rude.
You rejoice in the truth and not in those that boast.
Thankful am I of your ways that are nice—patient.
I hope to spread you; share how to be of your kind
So that when a stranger smiles you’ll be ‘ever proud

A smile that perseveres all is what makes you proud
To be happy without spreading any envy.
Love I call thee in search of your beauty—your kind.
I have met with a few but it ended… not rude…
Not a rude end but rather…one that was patient.
Patient with those that are hot-headed and may boast

Of your Marvelous Joy I wish to forever boast
But I don’t because it is not right to act proud.
At times I’m in need of joy and am not patient-
I mustn’t be jealous of joy or have envy
That would not be right, no. That would be rude rude rude!
So I’m sure to keep up the laughter and am kind.

Love you surely hope, protect, and trust in what is kind.
Not of what is cruel, wicked, mean, or what may boast.
That is why everything you teach is never rude.
Love, you are what makes God smile ever true and proud-
A smile is what is given when they have envy
To forgive those who have you and receive patience.

I now know—thanks to Love—to be kind and not proud.
Never will I boast of the joy or have envy.
Lastly, whenever rude I will be love: patient.

Amanda May Moore

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