(1847-1920 / United States)

Hey Love

Hey love, hey rose, I wish I knew the day you were born
Such a beauty on the face of earth; yet a twin to a thorn;
Oh what fiery slaying eyes, killing with your sharp scorn

And yet sometimes sweet, gentle eyes that smiled,
Fragile, meek; and often even wet and wild:
Your eye, your tear are mother and child.

No one can love you without anguish and pain
It is like there are no flowers in the fields without the rain
Yet I would, Oh would I could love you again.

by Nero CaroZiv

Comments (2)

Hey Julia, What a beautiful poem, I really loved it and it made me remember my college days, Me and my love have been going around for the last 10 years, since our 12th standard and this year we will be tieing a knot. Last 10 years seem to have past with a blink of an eye, I have enjoyed every moment of it be it fight, hanging out, love making or just singing songs together. Your poem, really touched my heart, undoubtedly, love is the greatest emotion of life and I am very happy cause today for the first time, I have come across someone who believes so much in love, just like me. I thank God, each day of my life for giving me Ashish and I am happy that you have also been blessed by the almighty, to have enjoyed this emotion in abundance. All the best to you.
what a beautiful poem about living a life together, I am sure that the love is still there, for your words reflect no doubt, you have fondly remembered, what your love was all about