Dear Mom

Mom, I hope you're listening
because I'm trying to reach out
I know that you've been good to me
but yet I fill your heart with doubt.

I try so hard every day
to take back the words I've said,
I long to reunite someday
and makeup for tears you've shed.

I know that sorry is not enough
but it's all I know to say.
it seems like all the blue skies
have come to turn to gray.

I want to make it up to you
I want to make things right
I'd like to make the rainclouds go
and bathe you in the light.

I don't know how to say it but
you're all that I have left
you're the only hope in my humanity
please come save me from this bereft

And my heart, it darkens every time
I see you passing by
I couldn't express the way I feel
heavens knows I've tried.

Mom, I hope you're listening
I've been trying to reach out
you've always been so good to me
I love you beyond any doubt.

by shelby rae

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