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Dear Mom
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Dear Mom

My dear mom,
When I look at the sky of your eyes:
I travel to the city of love,
The light of hope shines in my heart,
My unique mommy,
You know:
My love to you is fresher than red dancing roses,
Blood is not red compared to my love to you.
May be the cells in my body can be counted,
Or atoms in the whole world not be countless one day,
Oh, but not my love to you,
It’s impossible to measure.
The best mom in the world,
I ever know:
Your heart is greater than the vast sky,
You shine in the sky of my life as a sun,
Your hands are the kindest in this great world,
And even softer than all the flowers.
The greenest mother in the world,
Even the greenest jungles have nothing to say when meeting your soul,
You are green and the greenest,
Oh, make our worlds green and peaceful.

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