Dear Moon, 'I Want To Be Like You'

In a dark shiny night,
While sitting on a rock,
I addressed to the bright Moon,
Dear Moon 'I want to be like you'.
In a dark night,
You are the only one who shines,
when the rest of the world is dreaming.
You are the lamp for the travellers.
You are the light for the readers.
You are the spark for the lovers.
You are the hope for the birds.
You are the reason for the success.
Dear Moon! 'I want to be like you'.
Dear Moon! 'I want to be like you'

by Aishaf Rehman

Comments (8)

Verily, the moon is a guide at night and being like a moon is being a guide.
I loved the line you r the only one who shines wem rest of d world is dreaming..its like even in darkness god protect us
Very nice piece, Aisha. I am fascinated by the moon myself.
Thank you! Cruzero Pablo This poetry is related to moon not mum Anyways thanks for appreciation.
very powerful and desrving mum such poetry
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