Dear Mother

Besides God, you are closest to me
And the best gifted mother that live
You stood up to the responsibility
Of being God's Earthly representative

You were never ignorant to your duty
Or stop loving me in any way
The choice was yours directly
Of wanting to be a mother some day.

In life you stand out amongst society
With affection, inspiration and love
Your soul has been blessed so wisely
Truly, you are a special from above

by Ben S. Robertson

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My father will always live on in my heart. sorry i never get the chance to tell him how much i love him
now i'm having proper guilt - REALLY sorry about that second one... i'll leave you alone now for ever i promise
i'm really sorry about that mate - i'm drunk.. good name though.
As a fella BEN ROBERTSON I feel compelled to act upon my desire to write to you. Your Poem moved me and my fellow work mates. God Bless - remember your mum always - she sounds like a special lady.