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Dear Mr. L
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Dear Mr. L

Im sorry
i never thought that this would get this bad
i don't think that you're that type of person
i dont hate you
want you fired

after one guy told me that you were doing that
i started thinking of every weird thing you have done and blamed it on you
i didnt mean for things to go this far...

im sorry your jobs in jepordy
my life is messed up
my friends think im low
my familys dissappointed in me
my teachers are dissapointed in me

im ashamed that i did this
now that i actually think about
you're not a bad guy
i just got caught up in things and it didnt work out for any of us

it was a huge mistake and i will remember this
for the rest of my life..
i feel really bad
i don't think anything i could say would make you feel any better

and i know that you will probably never read this
but i wanted to say sorry
i couldn't say it to your face
you dont even know that it was me who accused you of this
i feel so bad
i screwed up your life
youre just trying to make a living
im sorry
i dont think i could ever say that enough

you will probably never forgive me
but i just wanted to say that im sorry
and i never ever ment for this to happen

im sorry

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