MH (10/13/1990 / )

Dear Mr. President

We look up to the endless sky, so bright.
The eyes of innocence is hung for now.
Today's a perfect crowd to get it done.
I wonder when the world got so loud.
What is it that they don't want us to know?
Can't keep smoking us out
with tearful cries, and observant necks;
we connect with one goal, to gain respect.
Turn off that damn thing, it's all brainwash.
Open a page and listen to our thoughts.
They have you blinded by useless sh*t.
Back then, I used to be apart of it.
So they'll beat on their shields 'cause their scared of our minds.
'Block out the city, these f*ckers are mine! '
And the lights will go up and we scatter out.
They try to destroy our drums but we can't stop now.
Who will they make an example of?
A young man speaking his heart,
forced to be driven by an unmarked car.
Who knows where this will go...
Day after day, I sit encased in an empty shell.
Those day walkers and those night stalkers have got me sick.
I could start revolting and rioting the streets, but where will it get me?
A cell, a mate and an empty bowl?
Know that I will never give up, even as the tide will try to wash me out.
I will tread, and tread with every inch of my bones
to stay afloat and save those who may be in the same boat.
Know that as long as I am alive, those pigs will die.

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