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Dear Mr Sorrow
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Dear Mr Sorrow

Dear Mr Sorrow
I wrote this letter
to tell you how I feel.
Maybe it will make me feel better.
You see Mr Sorrow,
life has never been fair.
You never leave me alone.
Oh, No! You wouldn't dare.
Why do you torment me so,
you must help me understand.
You make me feel worthless,
but I want to feel grand.
Even for the slightest moment
when I am happy.
I turn around and your'e there,
standing right beside me.
Whispering in my ear
many a terrible word.
Oh, Mr sorrow, why don't you leave?
No, to you that would be absurd.
Oh, Mr Sorrow, Why?
You never want to reply,
when I speak to you.
Why, Why, Why?
I must go now,
Mr Sorrow.
Hopefully you won't
Be by my side tomorrow.

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hey i like this alot thanx! !