Dear One

Dear one the whole time I was out
I thought of you wishing I could hold your hand,
walking through the massive mall
enjoying dinner, stores, and rides galore.
With my nephews and parents there
I enjoyed myself,
but you were missing and that makes me sad,
oh my dear one I want you here so very bad.

Dear one my feet hurt and I'm very tired,
a long night at the Mall of America.
I wish you were here to rub your back and feet,
you deserve the best treatment and tonight you would need it.
I'd rub your tired legs and back,
your swollen feet and aching neck,
and if feeling queasy from the bumpy rides
I'd get you gingerale and rub your tummy till it was well.
I miss you babe and I wish you'd been there.

In summary though I just want you here,
to share such things then end the night
snuggleing smiling and content in each others arms.
To be fulfilled in both our lives
having the person we most love and adore,
my dear one Kira I so madly want you here.
I take your hand and say my Angel,
I love you Kira and long to spend hand in hand
for all eternity.

by Michael P. McParland

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