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Dear Poetry
EM (7/20 / Brawley, CA)

Dear Poetry

Poem By Eli MorenoDrew

Don't rhyme, Poetry.
Our thoughts and tongues don't think that way.
Steer clear of meter, sweet Poetry.
I'm tired of counting and scanning.
Liberate yourself from the chains of Tradition
and become yourself, Poetry.

I know your laws like a son knows his father's,
Reading your tales from Burns, Blake, and Donne.
I know your anatomy like a physician
and I practiced, practice, practicing.

And like the teenager I am, Poetry,
I rebelled.
I became an individually packaged poet
Pen sold separately.
And all by choice, too.

Keep your tradition, and I'll start mine.
I'll visit, and I expect you to call,
But for now I'll stick with my philosophical prose and
small machines of thought.

Thank you though, Tree of Poetry
I hope I don't fall far from you.

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Comments (2)

Eli must be short for electric. You lit up my day with this! !
;) aye, alot of non poet people these days don't have respect for the non-rythimic and rhyme poems. (spelling yes I know) They don't like the off beat and free style to much, which annoys me because it sets the poet stero type if they are all going to be conservative about whats a poem and whats a jumble of random words. These kind of poems will probably have the same sort of begging as jazz and ragtime musics. ;) good write. That tree I hope I don't fall far from it too.. And I want to grow next to it, and show it my ways too.