Dear Reader

Poem By Albert Gazeley

You were the missing piece of my rhyme
Thank God that you have arrived in time
Without you I would be locked here on the page
I’ve waited for you for what seemed an age

For days I’ve felt like a Genie in a lamp
In a sort of literary concentration camp
All I could do was question why
Then suddenly you happened by

Well dear friend, let us off to exotic lands
With pyramids and peacock fans
I’ll sit you on cushions made from purple silk
Serve you hobgoblin cake and camel milk

Yes, through the windows of my rhyme
I can take you back through space and time
To Scottish Castles and Pixie bowers
Where we can roam for endless hours

We can travel along China’s great “Silk Road”
Or we conjure up Ratty, Mole and Mr Toad
I can rocket you up to the moon - if you agree
And I’ll still have you back in time for tea

The mind can do such wondrous things
It can fly us to heaven on angel wings
Yes, for you and I there is no limit
If I have your attention - for just a minute

But when your consciousness is gone
Then my whole world won’t last long
My trigger to your thoughts will disappear
And I could be abandoned - for a year!

Remember, me and my kind
Can bring you peace and love
Help convey a message to your God above
With my inducement your mind can fly
And things like loneliness just pass on by

So dear reader - please don’t go
It’s you that gives me life you know
Who knows when others will find this rhyme?
So please will you read me - one more time

Comments about Dear Reader

This, too, is lovely and made me smile. It is a pleasure to read!
How true it is that your poems are not completely alive until they find a reader, I love bothe your poems and look forward to more in the future.
Yes YES YES I will - and many more times in the future, I hope, Albert. Both your poems are delightful. And more. Thanks.

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