Dear Shakespeare

Did anyone ever tell Shakespeare
That he would be breaking the hearts
Of many a young girl?

Every girl wants her Romeo.
Someone to have and to hold
Til he struck dead
With his love for you.

Every little girl wants to be Juliet
And find her darling Romeo
To sweep her off of her feet
Regardless of what the world says.

Little hearts break
When girls come to learn
That men aren't like Romeo at all
And that playing the damsel in distress
Is really no fun.

I never wanted to be Juliet.
She loved her Romeo dearest
And lived her life for him.

I always wanted to be king.
I would run into battle like Henry V
With a sword in hand.
Fighting for honor
And not for my love of any man.

by Alexandra Connell

Comments (1)

Yeah it kind of sucked when I found out that my Romeo wasn't gonna be and be a damsel in distress sucked to cause romeo never came to save me it ended up being a Benedict and left me in the morning.