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Dear Shane
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Dear Shane

Poem By Dee Maguire

I wrote this poem for my closest friend who recently died from suicide.For along time he was not happy, he had lost his sister, and could not bare to go on.It is only now that I understand him. It is only now that I know him.

I remember the day you held my hand and kissed my lips so gently, told me I was the one for you, your voice so true and friendly.

You told me all about your life and what it meant to you, I cuddled you up and kissed you and promised I would be there for you.

As time went on and months had past, I made myself believe, from all the love and care I gave that you would never leave.

I still hear your laugh and see your face as you joke around with me, I only wish life stayed that way, we were as happy as could be.

Looking back I see the truth, that you could never be, the happy man we all believed, the one we all could see.

There was a missing part in your life, that meant alot to you, to fill that part it meant, there was something you had to do.

You achieved your goal to fill that part, left me with a broken heart, but up above were you smile, your life begins with a brand new start.

My only hope to carry on and fight away my tears, is to tell myself you are with Louise, you have over come your fears.

You are in my heart and in my dreams, I will never let you go, words can never desribe what we had, its our secret that we only know.

Shane, you are up above over me I still ask you for one thing, Help me throught this difficult life, and please take good care of me.

All My Love

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I empathise with him, and i hope when i die someone writes a poem for me.
A very moving poem, Dee. But the subtext is 'Out of darkness cometh light'.
This is very touching Dee. This must've been such a difficult time for you. Very good poem. Sincerely, Mary