Dear Someone

my emptiness has a lake in it deep and watery
with several temperaments milk cola beer

at night the selves are made of water
all the openings flooded streaming with rain

my emptiness has an aqueduct in it
selves rushing through channels

dissolving washing away in streaks

my emptiness has a fish in it
a piece of seaweed liferaft a rocky strait

all night the selves are breaking themselves
again and again on the sandbar

you can't get out from the drowning
nightwatery the blacksparkling pools

my emptiness has a nowhere reef an island
at night the immersion comes deep-running and sudden

the selves
it washes us under and sudden

by Deborah Landau

Comments (3)

An insightful piece of poetry that depicts deplorable condition of life at its lowest, well articulated and nicely penned from heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Deborah.
Just sent a comment on your poem and voted you a big 10. If you have time would you read my poem. “If you die before me” and comment and vote it. I did it for you now Thank you. Tony God bless you. Please don’t forget to vote the poem. Voting is important in this website. http: //
all night the selves are breaking themselves again and again on the sandbar..... you have depicted emptiness in a pictorial way.... with deep passion and seriousness. love the images you use in this poem. simply love it.. i hope and pray that this emptiness is gone one night and you will be filled with laughter and smiles. we live only one life.. we shall live it to the full. that is my prayer for you. thank you for this beautiful poem. tony