Just Know I Still Care

I know what we got is true
When I'm not with you everything around me is blue..
I wonder if you will come back
i wonder if you still feel what I do..
But no matter what i know, you will always be my boo.
No matter what
cause I'll be there for you through good and bad,
I'll always be that angel to lead you through that one special good path..
So listen to these very prompt words
I hope, i wish you were mine again..
for the very end..
cause i know without you there is no reason to live, laugh or smile..
so just please take this lil while
and read this lil verse
cause if you don't my heart will
feel oh so worse.

by Katie McKee

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Comments (3)

I think your poem is a good example of what Picasso said, 'The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.' In this day and time we need to do this more often than ever.
so sweet It is rightly said that Yesterday was a history And Tomorrow is a mystery so EXPLORE it! ! Nice one Pakeezah
I love your beautiful letter to tomorrow. I hope that it traveled safely. Warm regards, Sandra