Calligraphy Writing

A good handwriting is a rare phenomenon…

So long you are in Your Form; it works well.
Some does- mere copying; some searches for a dead fly
Without regards to its accidental appearance on the text.
Many people find difficulty to read out doctors' prescription.
But, in reality, everybody wants to keep
A lesson with a colorful envelope….

The way I've received the words, I'm trying the same
To arrange with names, one after another in a string.
Some nouns which I didn't know much
Yet I tied to pronounce before writing them-
Some looks better in pennames;
Some appears very bold in capital
Some looks royal in cursive
But, I know- if words crystallize
Can only offer an admirable calligraphy

All my relentless penman- effort goes in vein
If words die off….I'd call them as passwords
Even if
Someone replies in longhand…

Dated: 19 & 29th Dec 2018.

by Pallab Chaudhury

Comments (3)

I think your poem is a good example of what Picasso said, 'The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.' In this day and time we need to do this more often than ever.
so sweet It is rightly said that Yesterday was a history And Tomorrow is a mystery so EXPLORE it! ! Nice one Pakeezah
I love your beautiful letter to tomorrow. I hope that it traveled safely. Warm regards, Sandra