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Dear Tomorrow

There is a cloud that came today,
It will not go away,
It stays above my head,
And fills me so with dread.

It makes me feel so blue,
I don’t know what to do,
I tried to forget,
But it seems very set.

On staying here today,
And so I have to say,
Dear tomorrow,
Please come quick,
I’m feeling rather sick.

Of this thing called today,
Please make it go away,
Let peace come in the night,
And let the sun shine bright.

Let all things seem so new,
And not so very blue,
Tomorrow sing your song,
Of rightness and not wrong.

Dear tomorrow
I hang on to this rope,
And change your name to hope,
You’re always welcome then,
You can always come again.

With challenges anew,
Sad things very few,
I know you can do this,
Oh it shall be bliss!

Please hurry now my dear,
I need you very near,
Dearest tomorrow,
Let there be no sorrow….

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (3)

I think your poem is a good example of what Picasso said, 'The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.' In this day and time we need to do this more often than ever.
so sweet It is rightly said that Yesterday was a history And Tomorrow is a mystery so EXPLORE it! ! Nice one Pakeezah
I love your beautiful letter to tomorrow. I hope that it traveled safely. Warm regards, Sandra