Dear Veteran

You have fought in combat nobody has seen,
Not a soul experiences the lost you've been witnessing.
Pure joy swept through you knowing you were back,
Families were glad you were finally unpacked.
I've heard what you've gone through,
I want you to know that I'll always salute you.
It must have been terrifying to look through your eyes
Knowing in that moment you might have died.
We didn't forget you Soldier,
You're known as a United States Officer.
Thank you for protecting our country,
You'll be remembered through history.
Giving your life to your family,
And by defending our land proudly.
We have never lost sight of the things you did for us.
I wanted to say something important that hasn't been said that often.
Dear Veteran,
I want you to know.
You were never forgotten.

by Alexandria Angel

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