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Dearest Loved One
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

Dearest Loved One

Shadow in the doorway
Prying window eyes
Screams from darkened alleys
Fill the starless night
But as I lay me down to sleep
I do not feel alone
For I know that you are with me
Even though your body is gone
Waking from a nightmare
I look for you once more
Then I see your tattered picture
In the frame hung on the door
Your battle ended long ago
You took your final stand
Defending with love and honour
Our beloved home and land
Such bitterness we felt back then
Such anger built to pride
But the thing that saddens me the most
Is that for that anger you had died
I will not ever love again
The way I did with you
But in my dreams youre there with me
One whole made up of two
My soulmate and my confidant
That’s what you were to me
But now your battle’s over
No more your face I see
In dreams you are so vivid
Your hand in mine once more
How can men hate each other so
To have to go to war
The youth today don’t recognise
The pain that they will feel
When their loved ones go away
And another their lives steal
I know that we will meet again
The bible preaches this
And when we do my dearest love
Your sweet lips ill kiss
Until then I have my memories
Now faded with old age
It seems that many years have passed
Our child now earns a wage
I wish you could have seen him grow
This rugged handsome man
He speaks well of his father
How he fought in vietnam
He tells of how his father loved
His country with all his heart
And how he lived and died for us
He truly played his part
But now I fear my time is ending
Place my book back on the shelf
And drift off into peaceful sleep
And keep you to myself
Im grey with age now dearest
And the doc says ive not long
Another page will turn now
Its my time now to pass on

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