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Dearest Papa
NT (February 7,1992 / Logan, Utah)

Dearest Papa

Poem By Nyki Thomas

Seacher a seek of things untold,
A quest to seek of all withhold.
I'm here before you, hunting,
Hunting for thy name.

Dear Sir, Dear Sir,
What is it that name they call you?
And with it, its deep value.
Tis it Brother, or it, Father?

A brother of all souls,
One to help us reach our goals.
A man of teachings,
To help us with our seaching's.

Or could your name perhaps be Father?
There to wipe away each tiny tear.
A patriacrch, a risk taker.
A fellow to calm the roughest river.

I seek and pursue these things,
Comeing across all fittings.
And in the end with al these meanings,
I come to conclude these searching's.

Thy name is Papa,
Cause there is no greater than thee.
And this resides to be fitted for you,
For all eternity.

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