Dearest Ruth

Poem By Fred Babbin

Dearest Ruth
You are my Breath
You are my Heart
You are my Life
You are my Third
Dimension - when we talk.
When we talk,
You are my Love

When we talk, I see
The gold grass field
And light o’ the sun
And my red love for you.
Kiss me, kiss me,
Kiss me now.

Comments about Dearest Ruth

What a beautiful poem and how lucky Ruth is to have this!
This is an expression of love so poignant that it brings tears to my eyes, Fred. I love your unexpected use of colour - the red of your love is such a sudden flare of passion, the gold so rich.
Just LOVE the honest Passion in this Fred! Well Done! Roger Cornish.
I like the connections here implied to all that is, the sense of your interconnectedness and that of your Ruth to the natural world. Lovely poem, Fred.

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