Why must good people die?
I know they fly away to the sky
To a peaceful place
But why?
It is so painful
At first you feel like you lost part of your soul
Like part of you has also died
Makes you wonder if you spent enough time with them
Wish you got to know them better
Want them to come back if only for a day

by shiny shine

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Wow that was seriously great it really touched me my best friend died in my arms he was a victim of a drive by so i really connect with this
Yes, when we lose, we morn our loss. It is truly sad and tempts us to bear feelings for none, yet we still open ourselves up to people. It is inevitable that we lose our friends and ourselves.
That's so beautiful. It's sad and inevitable, but it makes me want to be so close to the ones I love.
Truth of life's of the best of yours.....voted 10...
Sad and beautiful poem, just remember it is a path which we all shall travel in time.
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