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BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)


I'd appreciate the angel more
If she'd stolen the memory with the man.

I can just see-

No distant glares at our places;
The pallisades and tennis courts,
The road at 3 AM.

No blood drawn lip at pictures,
No pounding on the mirror.

A shadow space of air at every anger...
A look-away at every laugh...

In place of memory, a sunlit lake-
A time I stood in thought...
With no idea of what was lost forever.

(This poem was written by Alexander Eichen)

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Comments (3)

'I'd appreciate the angel more/if she'd stolen the memory with the man' Amazing lines. Wow.
This poem has greatly deep thoughts that evaluate what you believe in, great work!
Wonderful. Evocative of loss (which isn't wonderful, of course): I'll have to read more of your works.