Everyone will lose someone they love and thats a fact,
whether it be a human or even a cat.
Death sounds scary,
but after watching my grandad pass away peacefully...Im not sure,
not anymore.
I used to think death was painfull but I found out it doesnt have to be,
my grandad died at home with his family and friends around him,
I know, sounds kinda grim,
but it wasnt. Everyone got to say there final goodbyes and when he past there was a smile on his face,
he held his wifes hand tight,
took this last, deep breath and the was the end.
But not the end of the pain...
not for his family and friends that is.
For us the pain carrys on
deep inside you feel this emptyness
like something is missing and nothing can fill the hole.
My heart was broken when you past on
and now even the pieces of my heart are missing you.
If you havnt had someone you truely love die then u have no clue
about the pain you go though and if you have had someone you love die...
I know what its like and im sorry for you loss.
If i could I would bring them back to life no matter what the cost.
Life is too short to hold grudges, its a cruel world,
You could die at any time,
So dont let things go unsaid,
Express yourself and have a good time because you only live once.
Live, Laugh, Love.

by Tayla Glenn

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That poem sounds just like the day that i lost my rabbit. I couln't bear to let him go i felt so alone and lost with out him its been a mounth since he past away.