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Poem By Rene' Bennett

Waiting for Death
But He never comes
Though I know
He's visiting someone.

He once knocked on my door
But I wasn't home
Yet, when He left
He wasn't alone.

Instead He visited
My lover, my friend
Then He tried
To visit again.

But again I was gone
So, He went next door
And visited grandma
Then came back once more.

Rearing His head
With anger and hate
Missing me again
But again sealed my fate.

For it was Mom
Who answered the door
So, He took her
To even the score.

So, now here I sit
And wait for that knock
The one I've heard
But never got.

I know He's out there
Visiting someone
And I am still waiting
To be the next one.

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Comments (4)

It's a shame death has to have it's boney chilling hand or finger in our pie of life just setting on our window sill of friends and loved ones. It seems the odor of life attracts this macabre spectre that is always on the hunt for new roadkill under his tires unending tread marks leading up to Heaven. This poem tells of your constant loss of loved ones so close in time together. Just remember that your memory of them keeps them with you and alive in your heart in days until the final tomorrow. Every one has had a loved one leave them earlier than wished in this limited time zone that God blesses us with-down here on planet earth. Cheer up-we'll meet our loved ones again up in Heaven and be in a tranquil peaced loving reunional sleep with the lord our God. This poem hit me in the sadness bone of mine heart. God bless and best regards-Mike Gale.
Death comes to all, it's the timing that will kill you...Excellent poem...Concept is capture and presented superbly...
Yikes, this is chilling but very well written.
rene, i your poem is lovely. my death haiku ------ chinese funeral hell money trails the way