Poem By Andra Wadas

How can we live in a world
with such pain and hate
caused everyday from the so called
human beings
that leave their footprints
on the ball we live on
the words they choose to use
such as hate
a word so strong
that should never be used
the killing of the innocent
the abuse of the weak
trying to see
the world through peaceful glasses
trying to see
the wonderment of this place on earth
yet the world is being torn apart
piece by piece
almost everyone of us
contribute to this falling
the slow death of us all
to try and help at least one
Yet feeling the endless pain of failure
a simple desire
to just be released
not wanting to see
the downfall of society any longer
behind locked doors
bars on the windows
always alone
sitting in fear
one more task to complete
staring at this shiny object
hearing my calling to end the curse
as the hot steel
starts melting through the layers of skin
not stopping
till it extinguishes the jugular of life
one less causing hurt or pain
one less effecting others
everyone has the right to choose
I made mine
what will you choose

Comments about Death

Excellent composition. A passionate write of Man's inhumanity to Man!

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5,0 out of 5
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