AK (26 July 1985 / Mumbai)


I sometimes wonder how
I will face the inevitable
Avoiding it is not difficult
It’s just impossible
It’s the final chapter
Of every life fable

I wonder how I would like to die
Would I peacefully on my bed lie?
And bid my dear ones good bye

Or would the end be a sudden one
Putting a stop to all the fun
For it can be predicted by none

It’s life’s ultimate bane
Which puts an end to all the pain
Fighting it is but an effort in vain

The fate of the soul none can tell
Does it really do to heaven or hell?
Where till eternity it will dwell

Or is it like the body all temporary
Or to a new body it does hurry
Filling it with life, is all a query

If today I am given a slip by my life dear
How many of my friends will be able to bear
And how many will shed crocodile’s tear

And my thought goes to those I leave behind
Will they remember me in their daily grind
And without me will a void in their hearts they find?

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Comments (2)

a little confusing but i got the message it was a great poem
this is a well written poem akash...keep it coming...love...nalini