BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)


it's looking me in the eye,
but can i gasp it?
I pick up the knife,
hold it in my hand,
just looking,
into the eyes of death.
I run the blade,
over my fingers,
and down my arm.
So tempted,
to make the cut,
but everytime i try,
i'm stopped,
by thoughts of YOU...........
: : end: :

written: 11/29/05

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Comments (2)

Great poem. Sometimes staring at the eyes of someone we love alone prevents us for doing some evil things. i like the last line of the poem, and it is really shocking for it to end that way, i thought something else........ and that made it beautiful.
wow...i also have a poem intitled: Death, but it's the complete opposite. You should read it. I think you would enjoy it. I can relate to this poem. I use to be like this. Until my girlfriend helped me to stop. Great poem. Brandi