VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


As I am sleeping, and I fall into ethereal plains
Away from the reality, of this worlds daily pains
A fair voice upon the air, captivates the senses
Somewhere within this field, steps precedence’s

Towards her summoning, my souls enlightening
Drifting forever, in a seamless unbound conjuring
As though in mystic fantasy, I am unresisting this
Something safe is felt in me, a warming of bliss

Arms wide to accept me, into this placing of all
Upon the fortune, that I stumble just before I fall
But no saving from this destiny, a crossing sealed
A place of the non physical, but nothing revealed

So in ignorance, towards this brightness, eyes open
But no pain felt, as the calling of my time, is woven
By angels and ministers, of fortunes time for passing
Flight unhindered to worlds, of the eternal ever lasting

Can’t stop this now, voices of reality fading behind
Not a word can I comprehend, neither hate or unkind
No fear felt, as I follow the calling, of me to this place
At the feet of angels, I stand before them in their grace

In patience and in absolution, that they welcome me in
Beyond gates of no return, crossed to a place of no sin
As my crumbling body lay still of witnessing no breath
My kinships tears fall to realise, I have reached my death

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awesome poem. incredible. i loved it!