“poetry At İTs Most Desperate”

True, I’ve never wrote a political
poem; and I’m not sure that such a thing can
exist, and not upset standards typical
of the human race, let alone a man
like me who’s read Spenser and Pope and not
died of boredom in the process! It’s just
our great republic is about to rot,
poisoned (in plain sight) all by money lust!
“Billions, what are they? We deal only
in trillions! ” (Save us from government
math!) Believe us, we are not so lonely,
Congressmen, and you Mr. President,
that we’ll call for a second round of gags.
Get it straight! Or soon you’ll be wearing rags!

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The lamp burns in every color, until the morning comes
Nothing is as certain as death....good write Subroto
Death is the reason why we live in this world.Its the conclusion of our life before we advance to a new chapter..........later, in life. Nice piece Subroto!
and death is a facilitator for those in the pipe line. beautifull poem on death posted10 surya
hey this is not an one to cheer me up at all..but i v been trying to shy away from this realty for so long now/...but it is inevitable rite? ..... well this is a great rite that make the read the think..i always wish i ll die some sweet death..but that's wishful thinking i guess......nice one 10 ++ regards shan
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