I never dreamed I'd live this long.
Never thought I had much of a song,
Maybe the old man got it wrong
And took someone else instead.

It's not that I've had a lot to give,
He took better men, and let me live.
Makes little sense to me.
Maybe I should be grateful.

But who said that I wanted to stay,
, Maybe I'm tired of the games the Gods play.
Stumbling along day by day
Just another chess piece on the board.

It's all very strange this game of life,
With all it's pleasure, pain and strife.
It beats the hell out of me.
Will someone explain me the rules.

Is it ordained or is it chance
That takes us on our merry dance?
Mostly headlong with no backward glance
As we dance to our separate tunes.

Then comes the day we dance no more.
Do we really stand knocking on heavens door
Hearing the angels sing, and hoping to be welcomed in.
I wonder.

by Brian Joseph Dickenson

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I'm afraid no one can explain you the rules. It takes more than a lifetime to work them out. But that's the whole point! As long you try to unravel this mystery, you have a reason for living. Warmly, Julia