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DEG (November 26,1986. DOB / Jamaica (Trelawny))


Who am I?
Who am I living for and why?
I spend all my years in school trying to get an education
Then death takes it away.

It took my Grandfather, Grandmother from the other side
And now it took away my best friend.

Why was it created in the first place?
Why is it always the good ones who have to die?
Is it because we try too hard to be the best that we can be?
Or what?

They say when you die you are resting.
Is this phrase really true?
I am missing all my relatives and friends that died, and I know they miss me too.

Don't be afraid to live your life because of death, cause it just won't work.
Do the best that you can now that you're alive
We have one life to live, just live it
Live it with all your might.

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Comments (2)

Soul never died & borned but it left the body many times..(in the life cycle- 84 Lackhs times) then you get this human life. So wish u all the best. Good poem & good thinking.
Poem started very well but some where in the middle it lost its rhythm. But any way good attempt Keep writing.