Katydid - Katydid

The lingering sounds of a late summer's night
Are the Katydid's loud and shrill love call.
Though you can not see their rounded heads,
You can hear them until the first frost in Fall.

The stage is set, the curtain is drawn,
The Katydids prepare for a pageant to unfold.
Their entry brings a special music to the ear,
And their presence is awesome to behold.

The emergence of the Katydids is evident
As part of Nature's spectactular show.
Pause to reflect and marvel at their sound,
For you can hear them everywhere you go.

Each greenish Katydid has a song to sing,
' Katydid, Katydid ' is their redundant call.
Their song begins at twilight - ends at dawn,
While living in trees that are lush and tall.

Each Katydid is a protegee of Nature,
And proclaim that summer is on the wane.
Their love call fills the heart with a special joy,
' Katydid - Katydid ' - the call is always the same.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

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He is burning inside and no one knows how much he is suffering. Only Rilke can write like this.
why did you write this
Dis poem is the meaning of life. Thank you wizard.
You spelled nourishing wrong. LOL
Awesome and very bold write. Thanks for sharing it here.
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