Even if I die do not stand by my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die

Please can I have a prescription for death
Or should I believe that it´s an unavoidable path
It steals from us innocent members
And succeeds in decreasing our numbers
Death leaves a gap that none can fill
It exposes a land that´s too hard to till
Christians say it is the only way
That to God we are forever going to stay

It succeeds in snatching most of my buddies
And leaves me to dwell with many worries
Its occurrence best defines a broken heart
And it makes you most lonely and hurt
This verse I dedicate to all gone friends
And relatives with whom I had no ends
It´s painful you are physically gone forever
But I hope our spirit will stay together

Father bless all who have come to you
Forgive them that they may always be with you
I beseech you to grant pardon for all their transgressions
And let them enjoy with you all the sessions
Even if I die do not stand by my grave and cry
Because I have followed my pals who have gone high
Believe am not there and I did not die
But above in the skies with my pals I fly

Why can´t the learned conduct a thorough research
And come out with a comprehensive search
Just to ascertain why human has to die
And recommend to God to hear my cry
I have to sum up at this verse
Because my pain is getting worse
I want to pray for all who have gone
And keep in touch so I may not feel low

by linus gerald

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