The skeleton on the prairie, bleached by the sun
The window dressed in black, left with a son A flower arrangement, shriveled and dry
The weeping willow that couldn't cry A sore in the eye of the universe
The last unicorn, it didn't give birth A shroud covering eternal sleep
The sound of one last heart beat The tombstone without a name
The graveyard, the devils pinball game An urn of ashes on the fireplace eve
Remnants of a past that can't be retrieved Tears of sorrow, flowing over wrinkled cheeks
Peering into a casket, for one last peek Was it destined, did it come as a shock
We will all be butchered as universal livestock Why did you leave me, what will I do
My whole life was surrounded by you This knock on your door is inevitable one day
Fate will ask you to come out and play

by William Leppo

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