The Yogini sits cross legged in penance in the midst of fire
Holding her heart and red lips tight in her fist
Like a puppy yearning for the master looking around
And its already ten thousand years since they cremated him

The fire has not yet burned her and there is still time
For her to turn ash and float on river kaveri so that
she can become food to the multicolored fish
Death is no answer they say but the puppy
finds it a question she has to face amidst
Mundane housekeeping bank balance clock
Calendar and all the rest

The last time he left in a flutter the last kiss missed his cheek
Landed on his collar and he told later
that the lipstick mark created a world war of sort at home
Its peace time now. Did anyone imagine
the power would fail and the lights go dark
just when they were beginning to look into each others’ eyes?

23 June 1994

by Prathibha Nandakumar

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the mystery of life and death and love and its infinite mercy and the swift soaring smile because without that smile how dull would eternity be. To laugh at the tiny tidbits of everyday life how precious as is this great peom.