Poem By Kali Boggs (Renewed Account)

I suspect it
But I shall ignore it
Tons and tons of ways people die
So will so, e of us cry?
Dangers around every corner in our life
It soon would be faster with a knife
I might have died within the hour
And all I did was cower
Would anyone care?
Would they dare?
We all seem to be angels sent from heaven above
Starting our lives with all that love
Soon to be done
Our sins weighing tons
Maybe to be born again
And thn taken back to the end
Living our dangerous lives
Even with our plentiful tries
Shall it end soon or long?
With everything it's God's true song

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Nothing but the breeze
The wind brushing by my ears
Nothing can compare

Dillon Mckinnis Brown (I Sit Here)

I still sit here dreaming
That it was just a dream
I sit here hoping
That you're still here with me

We Always Know

Days come and days go
Life goes on and never stops
We all know
That some will never reach the top

Four Letters

Love a four letter word
But every time I hear it
Something is attached
A wire or a cord


Hear the birds
With their own little songs
Feel the breeze
That keeps us cool

Tick Tock

Tick Tock
Time is ticking away
Tick Tock
Isn't there another way?